video conferencing trends 2022

Video Conferencing APIs – A Fad or Global Trend for 2022?

December 23, 2021API , Artificial Intelligence , Video conferencing solutions

The importance of video conferencing application integration has begun to rise in the first quarter of 2020 when COVID-19 disease began to spread around the world. The global health emergency and subsequent lockdowns have majorly shifted the economies across various nations to rethink – how they work and communicate with businesses, people, and governments. It …

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End-to-End Encryption and Security with WebRTC

November 30, 2021API , Video conferencing solutions , WebRTC

WebRTC is a free, open-source, and layered protocol existing in a complex ecosystem of application code, browsers, native devices, etc providing real-time communication (RTC) through application programming interfaces (APIs). The technology allows developers to add real-time communication and features to their applications, such as video conferencing, voice calls, and data that can be sent or …

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video conference for workplaces

Need for AI-powered Video Conferencing in Hybrid Workplaces

November 17, 2021Artificial Intelligence , Video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing technology for any organization embracing the concepts of hybrid work culture and meetings has become a necessity. The need for a business to promote healthy work architecture has completely altered after the post-pandemic. It is evident that organizations are looking for the most reliant hybrid work strategies to sustain business growth and keep …

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video conferencing best practices

Want to Safeguard your Video Conference? Here are Some Best Practices

October 13, 2021API , Artificial Intelligence , Video conferencing solutions

The world is slowly getting back to normalcy, however, there was a phase when it accepted “going digital and virtual” as the new normal. With the pandemic hitting hard and almost bringing everything to a standstill, we inherently depended on video calls and conferences to stay in touch with families, friends, and work collaboratively with …

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AI-powered video conferencing API

Libero is Certified as a Potential Product By the MeitY, Govt. of India.

September 16, 2021News

We are privileged to announce that Libero – AI-powered video conferencing solution offered by SoulPage IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been recognized as a “Potential Product” by the Ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY), Government of India. Back in summer 2020, the Government of India, and the ministry of electronics and information (MietY) under …

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video conference API

Video Conference APIs: Easy Integrations for Bigger Challenges

September 9, 2021API , Artificial Intelligence , Technology

Video conferences have seen an enormously growing demand in recent years. With emerging new technologies and unprecedented growing business needs, the once called video chat has been transformed from something that was merely used for domestic and non-business related modes of communication into a technology that helps to strengthen relationships by keeping in touch with …

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best video conferencing API

How to Choose the Best Video Conferencing API

August 30, 2021API , Artificial Intelligence , Technology

A video conferencing API (Application Programming Interface) is a unique pieces of code that can be embedded into every other existing software application to leverage the functionality and enhance productivity. These APIs create a bridge of interaction between multiple intermediaries and help in online communication with each other. They are an infrastructure of different technologies …

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