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Libero is Certified as a Potential Product By the MeitY, Govt. of India.

September 16, 2021News

We are privileged to announce that Libero – AI-powered video conferencing solution offered by SoulPage IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been recognized as a “Potential Product” by the Ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY), Government of India.

Back in summer 2020, the Government of India, and the ministry of electronics and information (MietY) under the Digital India initiative called out for a challenge to build an Indigenous video conferencing solution. SoulPage’s Libero got shortlisted as one of the top 5 companies out of 2400 participants across the nation to build a secured, and viable video conferencing solution. After being to finals and showing consistent performance improvement, Libero has been certified as a “Potential Product to offer video conferencing solutions by Meity, Government of India.

Libero as a video conferencing API solution allows businesses to seamlessly integrate a smart, secured, and reliable conferencing solution to connect, communicate, and collaborate with their partners, clients, consumers, or employees from anywhere, around the clock. Lightweight setup, 100% customizable modules, robust audio/video encryption, AI-packed next-generation features, centralized administration makes Libero unique.

Pushya Mitra, Co-founder & COO of SoulPage IT Solutions says – recognition from Govt. of India pushes our boundaries to build a user-secured, easily deployable, enterprise-scale video conferencing solution. And this certification also boosts our team’s confidence to build a viable, smart, end-to-end encrypted product architecture that answers user’s rising concerns about latency, security, and scalability.

Libero, an AI-powered virtual communication channel promises to deliver world-class unified communication module APIs to add personalized conferencing solutions into any Web or Mobile application with ease. Low latency, multi-point video conferencing, intelligent meeting rooms, noise cancellation, low-light visibility, are a few of the top features that Libero offers. And we strongly believe to achieve streamlined peer-to-peer real-time video collaborations even in deserted internet areas with continuous growth and exposure.

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