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Video Conferencing APIs – A Fad or Global Trend for 2022?

December 23, 2021API , Artificial Intelligence , Video conferencing solutions

The importance of video conferencing application integration has begun to rise in the first quarter of 2020 when COVID-19 disease began to spread around the world. The global health emergency and subsequent lockdowns have majorly shifted the economies across various nations to rethink – how they work and communicate with businesses, people, and governments. It is when the need for video conferencing systems has been greatly increased.

Due to rising demand, in the past few years, the video conferencing systems market has experienced a growth of millions in USD. According to recent research, the global market size of video conferencing systems is expected to increase with a CAGR of 8.6% by 2024 and reach $11.56 billion by the end of 2027.

There are also many practical reasons why people, businesses, and governments have shown irresistible interest in implementing video calling functionality into their communication platforms. Even so, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses, health organizations, the public, and governments to integrate video conferencing solutions at the core and gradually grow reliance on this technology. The many benefits associated with voice and video conferencing have helped businesses discover how they can sustain market trends, and win competitive advantage by incorporating this tool as a part of their communications platform.

Benefits Associated with Video Conferencing APIs

With a sudden upsurge in voice and video calling, the private and public sector, government organizations, educational institutions, healthcare businesses have begun to analyze the trends and benefits associated with video conferencing APIs to equally reduce operating costs and effective resource allocation and utilization. Here we have listed a few of the benefits of video conferencing APIs that ensure its longevity even when a pandemic passes.

Improved communication

Better communication is a key metric of greater employee engagement to improve productivity and potential retention. A clear effective communication is always essential to the success of any organization. Video conferencing allows people to connect and interact face-to-face to ensure important information is not lost or misunderstood. Video conferencing tools let you share your screen or collaborate on documents in real-time, where meetings can become more engaging, inclusive, collaborative, and productive, even if your team is spread throughout the country or world. Video check-ins and group meetings can be the antidote for disconnected employees to work together and be more productive during difficult times.

Facilitates collaboration

Conferencing APIs always come with a package of advanced features and tools to offer better collaboration. With an increasing number of people and organizations continuing to work remotely, these advanced features are helping users connect, share and collaborate in real-time to work more efficiently and effectively. For example, quick video conferences between managers and employees can help workers feel seen and heard like they’re part of the team even when they are apart and are just as valued as those who work in the office.

Build trust and better relationships

It is proven that video conferencing can improve collaboration and relationships with customers, peers, and employees when compared to traditional audio calling. According to research, 93% of communication through emails and voice notes can be misread due to the unheard tone of the intended. The power of face-to-face communication improves understanding and allows everyone to communicate more effectively and efficiently. As a result, these kinds of interactions help to build better relationships and trust with the company, peers, and customers.


Today, most organizations are convinced towards adopting video conferencing APIs services, pricing for these services typically starts with a free trial or freemium with limited functionality and scales to premium offerings originally designed for large organizations. It is mostly a one-time investment to enable your teams with reliable, business-class video conferencing equipment with greater value on the total cost of ownership.


Regardless of your use with video conferencing, flexibility to use is critical. For instance, businesses with numerous teams to collaborate and work can empower video conferencing to virtually meet from anywhere to create solutions that are more thoughtful, meaningful, and effective than an individual trying to solve the same problem with a single perspective. Increased flexibility always allows one to operate in a more agile way, empowering businesses to make informed decisions more quickly and win a competitive advantage in every aspect. Employees can tune in to meetings when their presence is required regardless of the location they are situated by which they can still feel connected to the rest of the team back at the office.

Trends for Video Conferencing APIs in 2022

Video conferencing has become a crucial element of the business world after the pandemic. There are a variety of trends that continue to shape the evolution of video conferencing solutions. And here are a few trends that will continue to impact 2022.

Seamless integration

Today businesses are operated on multiple platforms, which increases the concern for business owners. Integrating a single software program that is agile, robust, and end-to-end scalable for the entire communication network eliminates the need for a variety of software and hardware to improve productivity.


Artificial intelligence is disrupting every other technology associated with it, and video conferencing is no exception. Innovation in the subfields of AI like computer vision, machine learning, NLP, and analytics is improving the capabilities of smart video conferencing and providing limitless possibilities to make video conferencing more tangible than ever.

Privacy and security

The security concerns associated with the adoption of cloud-based video conferencing technology are continuing to grow with the expected increase in the number of businesses adopting this technology. Innovations associated with data protection and privacy will continue in 2022. And this trend will be a major distinguishing factor for companies in adopting a new video conferencing API service on the ability to safeguard sensitive data.

The cloud

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions have never been more popular. With the help of cloud-based video conferencing, teams are able to schedule meetings with colleagues or invite customers to view a presentation from anywhere without additional investments in hardware or software at different phases of scaling a business. As teams expand their remote reach and businesses nourishing the remote work, cloud-based solutions will only grow in importance in 2022.

Hybrid workplaces

With the growing conditions of post-pandemic and employees’ willingness to continue the remote collaboration, businesses can never experience the same work architecture as pre-pandemic. Increasing the adoption of popular solutions in the hybrid workplace the need for video conferencing solutions will continue to grow. In fact, 72% of workers told Slack they want a combination of home and office work. In a hybrid workplace environment, more teams will dedicate on-site rooms and open workspaces to organize video conferences while others join from remote locations to work collaboratively.

Clearly, the benefits and trends associated with video conferencing software can make a difference in many different aspects of your business, and its affordability and ease of use make it an attractive option, regardless of your business size. The importance of video conferencing APIs continues to increase in 2022. Know how you leverage the best with integrating Libero as your primary communication network. To know more about Libero or more about our API service, contact us.

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